Reaching Organizational Excellence: A Proven Process for Medical Groups

ABSTRACT: Today numerous health systems find themselves managing complex medical groups, among which the most complex are the Service Lines. Physicians whose specialties are within the Service Lines (Cardiovascular, Orthopedics, Oncology or Women’s Services) find that their clinical work is performed in the hospital settings, yet their governance and decision-making processes often are made within the medical group structure. Frequently, this structure creates misalignment and competing interest, resulting in internal conflict for a health system.   In this white paper, you will find the steps to overcome these struggles while gaining knowledge from first-hand experiences with a Cardiovascular medical group, which is outlined in a case study highlighting how RoundTable was able to combat these concerns and solidify solutions for a successful outcome.   PROBLEM STATEMENT: Structure within complex medical groups is competing with that found in parent health systems.  With specific specialty service lines needing its own governance and organizational processes, they are struggling with the development and [...]

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RCM Lessons Learned from Mimi Howie

  How is the RoundTable approach to RCM different than its competitors? Leveraging our depth of RCM and IT experience, RTSS customizes solutions based on our client’s needs. This includes people, process, and technology. We tailor these three integrated approaches to drive sustainable improvements in any area of your Revenue Cycle. With over 25 years of Revenue Cycle experience, our consultants have worked in prestigious & financially successful medical systems affording us the opportunity to learn from the best and pay it forward. Over the years we have learned what works and what doesn’t, thus creating our own catalog of Best Practices. As an RCM partner, we share these Best Practice solutions with our clients and offer elbow to elbow support to drive change and deliver exceptional results.  What have been some of the challenges to implementing a robust RCM operation in health systems and hospitals today? While there are many challenges to share, a long-standing obstacle [...]

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