Epic Community Connect: Thinking About Deploying – Five Key Topics to Consider

Deploying a Community Connect Program is a hot topic within healthcare organizations using Epic today. Health system leaders are curious about how other organizations kick started their programs… what was their pricing / contracting strategy, what were the lessons learned, what would they have done differently, what was the biggest hurdle…? As I look back, the common theme or challenge is an organization’s ability to look at an Epic Community Connect Program as a strategic initiative that requires thoughtful collaboration with operational, clinical, financial and revenue cycle leaders. It is more than an IT project. In my experience, health systems are challenged with devising a realistic, programmatic and strategic plan that clearly articulates and aligns to organizational goals, community’s needs, growth plans, financial viability (pricing, implementation & on-going maintenance) and additional management service offerings (i.e. revenue cycle). Below are five key topics to consider and questions to answer BEFORE embarking on your Epic Community Connect Program. Governance [...]

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