Evaluating the Move to a Centralized Call Center – 10 Things to Consider

As you evaluate the Centralization of Call and Clinical Contact Center functions, RoundTable has provided 10 key things to consider! Balance Centralization with Personalization Do Not Centralize Broken Workflows Keep the “Patient” at the Center of the Discussions & Decisions This is an Investment in Clinical and Operational Infrastructure for the Future Readiness for “Continuous Improvement” Drive Towards a Return on Investment Decrease Registration / Eligibility Denials Increase Visit Volumes Evaluate Scheduling Guidelines to Maximize Capacity Schegistration will Drive Efficiency & Real-Time Eligibility Capabilities is Key Standardization of Scheduling Templates, Guidelines, and Appointment Types is Critical Prepare for Difficult Conversations and Over-Communicate with Front Line Teams Without Provider, Organizational Support and Cultural Readiness the Effort and Good-Intended Approach Will Fail.