What is Revenue Integrity Anyway?

What is Revenue Integrity? According to the National Association of Healthcare Revenue Integrity, “the basis of revenue integrity is to prevent the recurrence of issues that can cause revenue leakage and/or compliance risks through effective, efficient, replicable processes and internal controls across the continuum of patient care, supported by the appropriate documentation and the application of sound financial practices that are able to withstand audits at any point in time.” But people often think about Revenue Integrity quite differently from this “cut-and-dried” definition. In fact, it’s become something of a hot topic. Some people think it’s simply a department that maintains the Chargemaster. Others view it as a more robust cross-functional team with insight and knowledge of the entire revenue cycle. As subject matter experts, they can identify and resolve gaps that cause revenue leakage. Here, at RoundTable Strategic Solutions, we view Revenue Integrity as a program, strategy and department focused on eliminating revenue leakage and maximizing [...]