Epic Community Connect: Thinking About Deploying – Five Key Topics to Consider

Deploying a Community Connect Program is a hot topic within healthcare organizations using Epic today. Health system leaders are curious about how other organizations kick started their programs… what was their pricing / contracting strategy, what were the lessons learned, what would they have done differently, what was the biggest hurdle…? As I look back, the common theme or challenge is an organization’s ability to look at an Epic Community Connect Program as a strategic initiative that requires thoughtful collaboration with operational, clinical, financial and revenue cycle leaders. It is more than an IT project. In my experience, health systems are challenged with devising a realistic, programmatic and strategic plan that clearly articulates and aligns to organizational goals, community’s needs, growth plans, financial viability (pricing, implementation & on-going maintenance) and additional management service offerings (i.e. revenue cycle). Below are five key topics to consider and questions to answer BEFORE embarking on your Epic Community Connect Program. Governance [...]

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Epic Implementation – Plan, Build, Go-Live ….Then What?

How Permanent Resource Placements Yield Greater Budget Savings and Ongoing Support in The Epic Life Cycle For health systems, hospitals, and physician groups, the life cycle of an Epic system can be broken down into two phases: Plan, build and implement in Phase 1, followed by Phase 2 - internal support and optimization.  Unfortunately, as many of our clients have found, once the implementation go-live phase is complete, cost and knowledge retention drastically change due to underestimating the expenses and efforts required when consultants leave. Has your organization experienced budget, staffing, transitioning and maintenance challenges after go-live? Have you lost the best talent on your application teams because they were a contracted consultant? Have you realized that projected post-live support and optimization budgets were significantly under-calculated? Are you recovering from a sub-optimal transition to post-live long-term support? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then you understand that resource transitions can get tricky.  They are [...]

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Epic Business Intelligence- The Report Is In: It’s Not About “The Report”

The overall concept of “business intelligence” is nothing new within Healthcare, and specifically within the Epic client community.  With the data capture and storage capabilities afforded within the Epic suite of products, organizations are faced with a twofold challenge: Transforming seemingly infinite (and potentially bulky) data points into a comprehensive body of knowledge about the organization’s patients, care, and costs and Utilizing that data in a timely manner to drive key business decisions – improving processes, reflecting compliance, and supporting decision making. A robust Epic-Centric Business Intelligence strategy is built around leveraging timely, enterprise-wide data to bring about meaningful change, improve the quality of patient care, and maximize revenue integrity.  Reports themselves are meaningful tools, but the information therein doesn’t become powerful until it becomes actionable.  Data transformation and report generation are no longer the end goal, but the catalyst to propel an organization to improve enterprise-wide performance. Effectively leveraging business intelligence is established by first defining [...]

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