RoundTable’s ability to maintain its outstanding level of client satisfaction and a 99% loyalty rate with our candidates and consultants rests on the ability to find the most qualified and credentialed person who can have the greatest impact for our healthcare partners. Here’s a closer look into how we bring our clients’ success through our recruitment process…

STEP ONE:  Assessing the need

Our clients hiring challenges:

A robust assessment of our clients’ needs provides the initial framework for ensuring the candidate will make a good match. We consider our clients pain points and the specific hard and soft skills to remediate them:

  • Outside of the job descriptions, what do you need this person to accomplish?
  • Specific experience and qualifications/certifications
  • What other important qualities must they possess?

What our client offers to attract the top talent (intangibles):

In order to attract the best talent, our employers need to identify and communicate the intangible appeal of working with them.  The client must know what they can offer and what they can gain for a mutually beneficial engagement.

  • Strong leadership/leadership structure
  • Ability to have an impact and recognition
  • Professional growth
  • Exposure to new technology and resources
  • Degree of, and approach to innovation
  • Diverse tolerances for onsite versus remote presence

STEP TWO: Finding the “best of the best, not the best of the unemployed candidates”

We are committed to understanding our candidates’ full capabilities, including their intangible skills, toward making a lasting and positive impact to client projects. Throughout the process, we consider:

  • Our pre-existing network, for contacts we are certain possess a skill set aligning with our clients’ goals
  • Net-new recruitment, for vetting consultants outside of our network but whose skill sets may be compatible with our clients’ goals
  • Lessons learned from hands-on strategy and optimization, for consultants, thought leaders and subject matter experts who know how to apply their experiences
  • Our candidates’ vision for the opportunity, their capabilities and accomplishments, their commitment and follow through, and ability to work in the respective client’s setting
  • Full understanding of what they are seeking tangibly and intangibly for their next career opportunity
  • The outcome of our in-depth conversations and supervisory references
  • The challenges in travel, relocation, and compensation for all candidates

STEP THREE: Cost reduction

By utilizing our pool of both consultants and FTEs, our clients can reduce consulting fees and increase knowledge retention at project conclusion.

  • $3 Million, the amount we saved one client by recruiting and hiring 15 FTEs, replacing the need for 15 additional consultants over an 18-month implementation; 14 of the 15 were still employed with health system two years later
  • Millions more can be saved long term throughout the optimization and support phase – the knowledge learned from the implementation stays internally — significantly reducing the need for consultants after Go-Live for optimization and support
  • To view the case study outlining $3 million in cost savings, click here

STEP FOUR:  Maintaining the client relationship

Clients rely on our talent pool for additional support, project extensions, and future engagements.

  • 95%, the percentage of clients who have extended with us, requested additional support over the past three years
  • “The team at RoundTable has become a true extension of our health system.  By consistently sharing top-notch FTEs and consultant resources, we are reaping the benefits of their network of highly qualified talent. Our partnership has evolved over the years, and we rely solely on their team of experts to share their strategic guidance with resource selection, saving our health system millions of dollars.  As we continue to expand our utilization of Epic and interrelated technology platforms, we are working with RoundTable for new projects, extensions and additional support.  We are confident in their team and look forward to working together to offer the best experience for our patients and providers, while maximizing our ROI on our technology investment.” – IT Director, mid-Atlantic health system

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