An Interim Healthcare Executive Leadership strategy can help healthcare organizations and medical group practices to: 1. Accelerate change, 2. Catalyze operational initiatives, and 3. Keep the organization moving forward.  In addition to knowing who the Interim Healthcare Executive can be to your organization, you must know the right time to search and for whom you are searching. 

When to Hire and What to Look for in Your Next Interim Healthcare Executive?

When Full Plates Become Overflowing Platters – In the C-suite, we often feel that we are running out of time – health care is changing so rapidly.  Financial and reimbursement uncertainties, for example related to the Accountable Care Act, coupled with daunting budget challenges often pressure senior leaders to cut needed executive roles and skimp on leadership development training of promising administrative and physician managers, which could fill the senior leadership gap. The result is a chronically overwhelmed leadership team with an endless cascading list of “To Do’s” that are never fully resolved and stalled performance improvement initiatives that are never quite completed.  Managers including senior leaders no longer have “full plates” they have been handed huge “platters” that quickly overflow. Time to hire an Interim Healthcare Executive!

What to Look for in Your Next Interim Healthcare Executive – Implementing an Interim Healthcare Executive Leadership strategy during a time of leadership transition in a healthcare organization can strengthen the efforts of senior leadership and/or its board of trustees during a highly volatile time in health care.  Senior leaders should look for an Interim Healthcare Executive who thrives in the fast-paced constantly changing health care environment and, as such, is uniquely qualified to hit the ground running.  The ideal Interim Healthcare Executive will come to the interim leadership assignment with key attributes that add value right away to the organization during its transition. The best Interim Healthcare Executives have demonstrated in their careers that they are adaptable, flexible and reliable change agents – necessary attributes of a great partner and for the healthcare organization that needs to keep moving forward and maintain, or even accelerate, its momentum.

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About the guest author:

Amanda Hopkins Tirrell, MBA FACHE is a senior health care executive with over 30 years of experience in academic medical centers, physician practice management, investor-owned healthcare systems and consulting. An energetic change agent with a reliable track record in transformation, clinical strategic planning, operations management and turnarounds, Ms. Hopkins Tirrell is a knowledgeable advisor and mediator skilled in developing collaborative alliances and partnerships with physicians, community organizations and other key constituencies. Ms. Hopkins Tirrell is President and Founder of Hopkins Tirrell & Associates, LLC a healthcare management consulting practice focused on providing strategic, operational and interim executive leadership solutions for healthcare systems, academic medical centers and medical group practices. She holds an MBA in health care management from the Wharton School and is a Fellow in the American College of Healthcare Executives.