In today’s healthcare environment, providers are faced with a multitude of tasks that go beyond simply diagnosing patients. Their day-to-day work efforts span from refilling prescriptions and reviewing lab results to the copious documentation requiring digital storage in the EHR. All this work results in shorter visits, fewer patients being seen, and longer work hours catching up on the documentation, notes and inbox messages – leading to provider fatigue and a lack of satisfaction.

The challenges that providers face is a domino effect that results in difficulties for patients to schedule appointments at the time of need, at a convenient location and with their provider of choice.  When patients end up getting an appointment, they find themselves waiting in the office long after their scheduled appointment time to be seen. Worst of all, when they are finally seen, the provider briefly speaks to them and is forced to rush off to try to stay on schedule or spends their time hidden behind a computer screen and not focusing on the patient. The patients feel rushed and not connected to their providers, all of which leads to a poor patient experience.

These experiences do not necessarily represent all provider and patient experiences, but it does speak to the opportunity for improvement around provider fatigue and the patient/consumer experience.  A critical step in both is solving for Access. RoundTable Strategic Solutions has developed and successfully implemented Access and skill optimization strategies to address these specific problems. Combining lean principles of workflow optimization with standardization and centralization, the RoundTable team of experienced healthcare experts is focused on assisting organizations to drive revenue, optimize existing technologies, engage patients, develop the appropriate customer experience model, improve physician efficiency and experience, and drive the appropriate venue of care. “Right patient, Right care, at the Right time.”

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