Senior Epic Beaker Principal Training Consultant
Epic Certifications: Beaker Anatomic Pathology, Beaker Clinical Pathology, Beaker Training Environment Build

  • Over 5 years of progressive experience in EMR implementations, curriculum development, adult education, and classroom training
  • Excellent communication skills with strong ability to multitask while delivering top performance
  • 3 full-cycle Epic Implementations from discovery through GoLive
  • MST Training Environment Build (General and Pediatrics)
  • Curriculum Development using a variety of software programs, tools, and applications (such as Microsoft Office 365, Snagit, etc.)

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Contact Casey at or (410) 415-1998.

Senior Epic Willow Analyst
Epic Certifications: Willow, Beacon

  • 9 years of experience in Willow Consulting with three full-cycle
  • Participated in 3 full cycles of Epic IP implementation and multiple Epic activations
  • Extensive experience with workflow analysis, medication build, training, troubleshooting, go-live/post go-live support, including optimization, enhancements and upgrades
  • Recent project experience supporting Order team within the Willow Medication Build team in design of investigational study medications, order sets, therapy plans and treatment plans

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Contact Casey at or (410) 415-1998.

Senior Epic Orders Analyst Consultant
Certifications: Inpatient Orders, Orders Transmittal, OpTime, Anesthesia

  • 15 years of experience in Health Care IT with nine years of consulting experience in EpicCare Systems; previous healthcare and patient care exposure as Registered Nurse with approximately eight years of bedside experience
  • Experience with workflow analysis and design and/or optimization of clinical tools to streamline bottle necks in clinical practice or help improve documentation compliance
  • Experience with build, implementation, upgrade and optimization of EpicCare System’s EMR software, with a focus on both inpatient and ambulatory applications
  • Provided training, demos and go-live support to system clinical end users

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Contact Casey at or (410) 415-1998.

Senior Patient Access Consultant – Grand Central, Cadence and Prelude
Certifications: Grand Central, Cadence and Prelude

· Epic Grand Central/Prelude and Cadence certified Analyst with 13 total years of Epic experience and 8 years of Epic Patient Access Analyst consulting experience

  • Participated in 7 Epic Upgrades, 5 full cycle Epic implementations and over 20 total successful Epic Go Lives
  • Ability to work well with all levels of personnel management. excellent communication skills and strong interpersonal skills
  • Recent project success:
    • Lead Grand Central analyst for implementation of two new Inpatient units. Build duties included: Bed Admin setup, Bed Planning modifications, Unit Manager settings, EVS and Transport sectors, Census reports and Bed Board setup.
    • Lead 2019 upgrade testing analyst for Grand Central/Prelude and Cadence. Duties included reviewing Nova’s and assigning build tasks, completed build items for tasks I owned and was the lead Access analyst for application and integrated testing.

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Contact Casey at or (410) 415-1998.

Senior Epic Ambulatory & MyChart Consultant
Epic Certifications: Ambulatory and MyChart

  • 7+ years of build experience in EPIC with multiple certifications
  • Expertise in configure, test, implement, train and support for EpicCare Ambulatory in addition to the MyChart modules
  • SER/EMP Record Build, workflow engine rules, Validate and Test in Ambulatory EpicCare
  • Specialty build involved for Healthy Planet workflow required custom SmartForm, Smart Text and SmartData element build/customization
  • Successfully completed 3 Ambulatory and 1 Healthy Planet Full Life Cycle Implementations through successful Go-Lives while also supporting Break Fixing and Optimization Requests Post Go-Live
  • Epic’s Widescreen View Navigator in all Primary Care Practices and standardizing build across the multi-hospital organization

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Contact Casey at or (410) 415-1998.

Senior Epic OpTime / Anesthesia Analyst Consultant
Epic Certifications: OpTime, Anesthesia, Ambulatory (Proficiency)

  • 8+ years of Epic-specific Perioperative Services application experience, to compliment 17+ years of SIS/surgical scheduling/resource management applications and healthcare operations experience
  • Successfully served in Lead Analyst role for full-cycle Epic implementation, implementation/integration of Anesthesia in existing Epic environment, version upgrade, and significant optimization efforts, Device Integration experience
  • Additional expertise in Device Integration using HL7 with various 3rdparty vendors, and utilizing Data Courier
  • Build capabilities include, but are not limited to, clinical content decisions, SmartText, Smart Phrases, SmartLists, OrderSet validation, Navigator, Patient Summary Reports, Downtime Reports, Menus, PAFcolumns, Doc Flowsheets, Work Flow Engine Rule, Event templates, Note Writer build and edit, creation and deployment of application and integrated test scripts
  • Actively applies experience from previous concurrent OpTime/Anesthesia Instructional Design role in mentoring and transferring knowledge to application teams and engaging operational/clinical teams

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Epic ASAP Analyst
Epic Certifications: ASAP

  • 9+ years Epic build, training, implementation, and optimization experience
  • 7+ go-lives with several upgrades, experience workflow optimization and re-design
  • Successfully completed over 7 Epic ASAP installs for various facilities including academic teaching facilities, free-standing ED’s, hospital ED’s, urgent care centers, adult and pediatric hospitals
  • Successfully completed 3 double upgrades for 3 different organizations
  • Comprehensive experience in workflow analysis, design, software development, build projects, integrated testing, regression testing, troubleshooting to resolve critical issues, project management, and 24/7 on-call support
  • Excellent communication skills and collaboration with team members and leadership from all departments, ability to coordinate and manage meetings with all levels
  • Combines applications expertise with strong technical capabilities, successful GoLive installs, post-GoLive support and full upgrades

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Contact Rachael at or (303) 520-5714.

Epic Project Manager
Epic Certifications: Epic Ambulatory, Advanced SmartTools Badge, Advanced Navigator Badge

  • 12+ years experience in project management with the majority of this in the healthcare industry
  • 11+ years experience in healthcare consulting working with Epic systems and project management
  • Expertise in Managing Project Planning, Timelines, Implementation, and Communication
  • Experienced in staffing, training, resolving project issues and preparing mitigation plans
  • Extensive knowledge and experience working with corporate teams on implementing processes to drive business improvement
  • Excellent documentation and project planning competencies; project proposals, project reporting, progress reports and status reports

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Contact Rachael at or (303) 520-5714.

Senior Epic HB / PB / Revenue Cycle Consultant
Epic Certifications: Resolute HB, Resolute SBO, HB Contracts / Expected Reimbursement Proficiency

  • Epic Resolute Hospital Billing and Operations consultant with over 15 years working within the healthcare revenue cycle and 9+ years focused solely on Epic HB/SBO application build / enhancement to maximize revenue flow and operations throughput

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Contact Lauren at or (410) 415-1860.

Interface Developer
Certifications: Epic Bridges/ Lean Six Sigma

  • · 10 years’ experience managing Healthcare IT projects and large-scale EHR/EMR enterprise implementations working with users and technical teams
  • Managed product development teams through Agile and Waterfall SDLC methodologies to bridge the clients and business needs with new product enhancements
  • Extensive Integrations experience through support, development, and QA roles in various organizations utilizing InterSystems Ensemble, MySQL, MirthConnect, and other legacy interface engines to Epic/Allscripts EHR

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Contact Katie at or (629) 236-5530.

Senior Epic Grand Central (ADT)/Prelude Consultant
Certifications: Grand Central/ Prelude

  • Successfully completed multiple complex Epic implementations with complex room, bed, and transfer processes
  • Performed Grand Central Analysis, Build, Testing, Implementation, Go Live, and Support for one hospital with a Rehab facility, three Satellite NICUs, and multiple clinics
  • Expertise in system knowledge, patient access and workflow design for specialized requirements around patient movement
  • Worked with Beacon, Orders, and Optime teams to test and resolve workflow issues 

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Contact Rachael at or (303) 520-5714.

Epic ASAP Principal Trainer
Certifications: ASAP/TED

  • 20+ years experience in healthcare industry as and RN and Epic Analyst & Principal Trainer
  • 10+ years experience RN in emergency department as a staff nurse prior to becoming an Epic ASAP Analyst and PT
  • 10+ years Epic ASAP Analyst, 5 years working as an ASAP PT
  • Expertise with ED and IP workflows, design, build, test and implementation
  • Extensive experience in classroom training and curriculum development using Epic Training Wheels
  • Certified in Epic ASAP and TED and has contributed to the design and delivery of Epic training for multiple healthcare organizations
  • Served as an ASAP Instructional Designer for new implementations, upgrade training and new-hire training
  • Talented mentor in the credentialed training process by using adult education principles and proven training techniques

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Contact Rachael at or (303) 520-5714.