As Health Systems and Physician Groups embrace “healthcare consumerism” they need to take a closer look at how they are solving for Patient Access, Growth, Retention, Experience, and Price Transparency. A nationally recognized physician group engaged RoundTable Strategic Solutions to begin the fundamental steps required for health systems to prepare and embrace the national shift towards “healthcare consumerism.”

“Consumers will choose value on their own terms and health system leadership must begin addressing consumer demands and expectations. RoundTable is ensuring its customers are on the leading edge of creating a value-based consumer-oriented patient experience,” says Denise Cuddeback, Senior Vice President and leader of RoundTable’s HCxRM consulting services.

During this engagement, RoundTable’s HCxRM team will perform an “Access” Supply & Demand analysis and seek opportunities and strategies to improve access, retain patients in a highly competitive market while helping close care gaps. Concurrently and in lock-step with client leadership, RoundTable will develop a formal “Access Committee” that put standards in place and assist with the re-design, implementation, and oversight of physician scheduling templates.

“Solving for the provider supply and demand problem requires a deep understanding of ambulatory workflows from scheduling to referral management to check-out. Our team has a unique ability to view data through an analytical/operational lens and interpret those findings to modify provider panel sizes, templates and visit types. In many cases, simple adjustments and skill optimization will improve provider satisfaction and patient experience. This is a critical step for organizations looking to create a Centralized Patient Engagement Center. We have deep expertise in this space and ensure our clients understand that this is hard work and requires cultural and operational readiness,” says Kyle Swarts, Senior Vice President.