A NorthEast IDN client has engaged an Epic ASAP Instructional Design / Principal Trainer Consultant to maintain delivery of education and training resources to Emergency Department staff and stakeholders in the gap between an internal resignation and replacement new-hire onboarding.   RoundTable was able to immediately identify a consultant with the Epic ASAP application and clinical workflow expertise to immediately assimilate into the client environment and successfully fulfill a short-term engagement.

“It can be tempting to try to ‘make do’ with internal resources to close a short-term gap on the Epic Instructional Design team,” sympathizes Lauren Rosenthal, Director of Delivery and Operations.  “But if that gap can’t be fully covered, there is risk associated with any lapse in educational delivery or continuity. Negative downstream impacts to clinical documentation, internal and external communication, and revenue capture are likely to offset any short-term savings, and then some.”