Kelly Collis is an enthusiastic communications and operations expert, bringing with her seven years of experience in online content development, stakeholder relations, and strategic project management. In her role as Marketing Associate, Kelly seeks to forge strong clientele relations and provide quality online reporting of industry-relevant information.

Prior to joining RoundTable, Kelly recently graduated with merit from the University of Edinburgh with an MSc in Food Security, where she was commended as the Best Overall Contribution to the Program. Kelly is a passionate supporter of data-driven action, having executed international research that provides substantive national policy guidance.

Kelly brings to the table an ability to improve company-wide operations, with expertise in strategic operations and project management. In her previous role as Administrative Coordinator at the World Resources Institute, Kelly helped to drive the Economics Center and New Climate Economy Programs forward by enhancing workflow and conceptual alignment amongst both internal and external partners and creating and streamlining database and file repository systems. Kelly was also responsible for overseeing Economics Center projects from cradle to grave and analyzing social media trends to allow for more targeted messaging.

At the Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council, Kelly developed a company-wide communications plan and oversaw all communications online and in print, exponentially growing the organization’s social media presence and contributing to a 25% annual team member growth. She oversaw team member engagement and experience, creating industry newsletters, maintaining contact with key members, and updating team member databases. Kelly began her professional career in the sales industry, regularly winning top performer awards in various sales positions.

“Kelly is the perfect addition to our team,” says Nicole Halsey, Director of Marketing and Communications. “Her diversified background provides RoundTable with a broad view of her Marketing successes and insight through her expertise in industry research, data analytics, lead generation, relationship building and brand consistency.”

Kelly graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies from Towson University, during which she wrote sustainable development policy and analyzed the structures of international organizations. In her spare time, Kelly enjoys longboarding, rock climbing, and reading scientific journals focused on climate change and agroecology.