When an organization of any scope and size transitions from one Revenue Cycle application to another, it is critical for organizational staff to understand the new application and the importance of adopting any workflow changes that accompany the transition.  Failure to engage and educate the workforce can contribute to substantial risk to revenue, and create significant and costly backlog issues.  When a complex IDN took a critical look at their education approach for their Cerner Revenue Cycle suite implementation, they decided to engage a RoundTable Cerner Training SME to coordinate their education strategy and logistics.

RoundTable Training Consultants meet the learner where the learner is, and design an educational strategy, curriculum, and delivery solution that will truly educate organizational training staff and end users.  “Adult education requires a critical assessment of the material and the learner, to ensure that they are aligned for knowledge transfer and buy-in” emphasizes Lauren Rosenthal, Dir. Delivery and Operations.  “RoundTable Training SME’s have significant depth of knowledge in both their application practices, and adult learning theory.”