RoundTable is thrilled to join the elite roster of sponsors for the RamaOnHealthcare community consisting of their daily health insight newsletter, resourceful website, blog by Rama and filterability analysis of over 7,000 curated articles, white papers and infographics from the industry’s well-respected publications. We will share pertinent industry news with our team and clients on topics that directly align with our core services and create new forms of content and marketing options as a result.

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RamaOnHealthcare daily newsletter reaches more than 15K organic esteemed corporate followers including executives from leading health systems, providers, consultancies, advisors, payers and vendors in the healthcare industry.  Providing timely news transpiring in the industry over the latest 12-24 hours about healthcare economy trends, disruption, innovation, consumerism, capitol hill, technology, among more topics, Rama utilizes his 18+ years of strategic research and curation experience to gather and disseminate the most significant and time-sensitive healthcare news.

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