Consultant Shout Out: Rhonda Stovey, Epic OpTime / Anesthesia Principal Trainer Consultant

This week we would like to shout out Rhonda Stovey, RoundTable OpTime/Anesthesia Principal Trainer Consultant!  Rhonda joined a cautious client team which had experienced significant turn-over and she was able to quickly stabilize the client environment and garner the trust of those around her.

Rhonda’s enthusiasm for engaging end-users is palpable.  She routinely seeks out providers who are challenged by changes to their routines with OpTime / Anesthesia applications.  Rhonda then wins them over with her warm personality and her commitment to education on optimal OpTime / Anesthesia utilization to enrich clinical practice.  Having additional certifications in ClinDoc, Orders, Orders Transmittal, and Ambulatory, Rhonda has a deep understanding of the inter-relatedness of the Epic clinical applications suite.  She relies on her personal clinical experiences in perioperative nursing and leadership as she maintains and optimizes the OpTime and Anesthesia MST, training curriculum, and role-specific resources.

Rhonda, your infectious laugh and passion for education has been a welcomed addition to the RoundTable team!