Fourth Engagement with Health System to Create Value-Based, Consumer-Oriented Experience 

(Baltimore, MD) December 10, 2018 – RoundTable Strategic Solutions (RoundTable), a boutique growth-oriented healthcare management and IT consulting firm, announces today the fourth consecutive contract with a Mid-West integrated health system to develop a customer experience model that attracts new patients and keeps existing patients within the healthcare system.

The engagement allows RoundTable to leverage strategic marketing, CRM technology and ongoing centralization of services to drive retention and growth.  “Continuing along our strategy roadmap developed at the inception of the partnership and pairing strategic marketing with operational readiness to drive continuous improvement is key in developing a world class Patient Experience,” says Kyle Swarts, Senior Vice President & Partner.  “RoundTable’s methodology and execution approach provides our partner with a deeper understanding of a patient or consumer’s current experience connecting across the health system and executes a future state design enabling a 360-degree view of the patient and customer by aligning Marketing, Centralized Services and Clinical Operations.”

As part of the ongoing implementation and adoption effort, the RoundTable team will provide healthcare operations and marketing subject matter expertise, superuser advisory services and partner with the designated internal client project team until Spring 2019.

“Continuing to serve as the health system’s operational management consultant, allows us to explore the market, the system’s current and potential patients, while developing the most comprehensive marketing campaigns in an effort to revamp the entire patient experience,” says Swarts.  “We are thrilled to share our recommendations and best practices with our partner and believe that this new contract of services is a true testament to our quality of work and expertise in this market space of Healthcare Customer Experience and Relationship Management (HCxRM).”

The initial contract in July 2017 included the facilitation of a comprehensive CRM vendor selection and assessment of its current physician and hospital call center functions.  After the project was successfully completed, the health system selected RoundTable to standardize and centralize the hospital outpatient scheduling processes.

“Exhibiting the need for centralized operations is becoming a trend among systems in the healthcare industry.  It’s up to us to share our expertise and resources to make a change and provide the playbook and solutions that will provide a better overall patient experience,” says Swarts.  “By working with this health system in the journey towards centralization of key operational functions, we are ensuring that their patients have timely access to care and services in the community they serve.”

Armed with the system’s strategic business goals and with two engagements implemented, the RoundTable team was contracted to manage extensive market, consumer and patient research resulting in the creation of strategic tailored marketing campaigns aimed at acquiring new and retaining current patients.  By utilizing data analytics and a full funnel understanding of the customer’s experience, RoundTable created campaigns that supported its new customer relationship management platform, while allowing the health system to deliver a solution encompassing the best operational experience for the patient.

“We share our knowledge to assist our clients in learning more about their patients’ journey.  With the shift towards Consumerism in healthcare, it is critical to have a 360-degree view of your patients and household, while creating a seamless and consistent experience with the right service at the right time and in the right place will yield a superior touch – a touch that will yield new patients and retain others,” said Swarts.

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Founded in 2012, RoundTable is a privately held boutique Healthcare Management and IT consulting firm that consists of healthcare industry veterans with a blend of experience within the key segments and at the forefront of the healthcare market. Headquartered in Baltimore and with offices in Charlotte and Boston, RoundTable’s core service areas include Strategic Growth and Execution, Revenue Cycle Performance, and Resource Management. Its founders, leaders and consultants have led and successfully executed strategic growth initiatives throughout their careers and now leverage their unique background, experience, playbooks and solutions (IP) to partner and assist its customers with organizational alignment, operational readiness and sequencing as it relates to developing cohesive enterprise growth strategies and programs, accelerating performance improvement initiatives and leading a culture of high performing (operational and financial) teams and functions.

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