RoundTable Supports Clinical Application Education Expansion Support for Community IDN

A MidAtlantic IDN Client identified a need to expand their Clinical Applications Education Department to more comprehensively serve educational needs surrounding Epic Clinical Documentation as a result of completing a post-live analysis for their growing clinical user team.  As soon as a new Epic ClinDoc Principal Trainer / Instructional Designer (PT/ID) FTE role was approved, the Department Leader simultaneously engaged RoundTable’s Direct Hire and Consulting Teams.  A tenured Epic ClinDoc PT/ID Consultant, with multiple complimentary Epic Certifications, was immediately engaged to supplement the current Training Team’s efforts while Epic ClinDoc PT/ID FTE candidates were identified and introduced to the team to complement the Training Team on a full-time basis.

“Our RoundTable Direct Hire and Consulting Teams take pride in partnering internally to best serve both the short-term and long-term needs of our clients,” says Jack Kowalik, Director of Recruitment for RoundTable’s Direct Hire Practice. “By providing immediate interim solutions to talent gaps, we relieve our client leaders of some of the pressures of the FTE hiring process, so that we can truly partner with them to identify the candidates who project the greatest capability and cultural fit for the future.”

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Community IDN Relies on RoundTable’s Epic Instructional Design Consulting

When a community IDN client faced an Epic Instructional Design / Principal Trainer vacancies due to internal re-organization, client leaders immediately engaged with RoundTable’s Epic Consulting team to identify interim Epic OpTime / Anesthesia and Radiant / Cupid Instructional Design / Principal Trainer Consultant to ensure critical knowledge transfer and educational continuity while an additional FTE resource is identified and on-boarded.  The Epic OpTime / Anesthesia and Radiant / Cupid Instructional Design / Principal Trainer Consultants will ensure that understanding and utilization of unique, specialty modules will go on uninterrupted, while simultaneously identifying opportunities to fine-tune instructional design material and the Master Training Environment to mirror clinical workflows and updates.

Rachael Battin, Consulting Practice PM advises, “Educational continuity is particularly critical when dealing with Epic’s specialty modules, with intricate and interconnected clinical workflows.  RoundTable Epic Instructional Design / Principal Trainer Consultants not only bridge a precarious gap during the search for new client FTE’s, they are also able to infuse knowledge gained across diverse client environments, further enriching the resources into which those new client FTEs will ultimately assimilate.”

RoundTable Expands Support for Established Epic IDN to Include Direct Hire and Consulting

Having successfully facilitated multiple Epic Patient Access Analyst FTE placements for a North East established Epic IDN through its Direct Hire division, RoundTable was selected to provide supplemental support for the team through Epic Patient Access Consulting.  Competing Epic optimization and enhancement projects had overextended a successful Epic Patient Access team within a complex environment.  RoundTable’s Epic Patient Access Analyst Consultant will leverage expertise within patient access workflows, best practices, and Epic-specific functionality to alleviate bandwidth strain and allow for on-time completion across numerous projects.

“RoundTable’s ability to succeed in offering both Epic Direct Hire and Epic Consulting resources allows us to holistically support our clients.  We are actively partnered with them to fill gaps on their team, whether short or long-term, without limitation,” advises Lauren Rosenthal, Director of Delivery & Operations.

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