At RoundTable, our continued partnership with our healthcare clients is a direct reflection and result of the work our consultants are doing in the field. Dennis Batiste, Cerner Project Coordinator, is a true testament to that with demonstrated success in forming long-lasting relationships with the clients he’s served.

Dennis will be celebrating his one-year consulting anniversary with RoundTable and at this point, has supported several Cerner expansion and optimization efforts in a project coordination capacity. He has worked in the healthcare industry for over 30 years; 15 of which he focused on Cerner EHR with specializations in SurgiNet and SurgiNet Anesthesia. In his consulting career, Dennis has functioned as a Cerner Applications Analyst, Team Lead, Project Manager, Testing Coordinator among other positions as he assisted numerous healthcare organizations expand their Cerner environment. For SurgiNet specifically, he has led everything from workflow design discussions, BMDI configuration, Cerner scheduling build, preference card clean-up and more.

Without a doubt Dennis’s Cerner technical expertise and deep understanding of the software development process are two of the key pillars that allow him continued success. And for those who have worked with Dennis for even a brief period, you would know that the third is his personality. Dennis is extremely positive, even-keeled and well organized – bringing a sense of calmness to even the most chaotic projects. His “can do” attitude ultimately reverberates through the people with whom he works.

His dedication to the client and ability to deliver across a variety of project initiatives has consistently exceeded expectations. His project extensions and “call backs” from our clients are a testament to that. We are so lucky to work with Dennis and sincerely thank him for all his hard work!