Consultant Shout Out: Allison Sutterfield, Epic Beacon Analyst Consultant

Shout out to Allison Sutterfield, Epic Beacon Analyst Consultant!  In her current project, Allison works tirelessly leading an oncology applications team of one, partnering deeply with clinical stakeholders to optimize workflow-related build in an environment with minimal room for error.

In her daily work, Allison relies on the expertise gained across nearly a decade of Epic Beacon-specific experience. Having been instrumental in multiple full-cycle Beacon implementations and post-live optimization efforts, Allison enriches her community client with a vast Epic Beacon / oncology worldview, expertise in best practices, and detailed consideration for interrelated modules.  Allison builds strong, collaborative relationships with client stakeholders and has repeatedly exceeded their expectations with her performance.  Allison’s client supervisor emphasizes the desire to “keep Allison as long as we possibly can” in every RoundTable follow-up conversation.

Allison, we are grateful for all your contributions to our client and our RoundTable team. Our goal is to keep you as long as we possibly can, as well!