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Placing the patient at the center of the healthcare delivery network is critical to the success of any Call, Contact or Engagement Center. Creating the ideal patient experience requires operational re-design, correcting broken workflows, collaboration with other organizational entities (IT, Operations, Clinicians, Marketing, and Executives) and ensuring you have the right CRM/PRM tools in place.

Whether you have an existing Contact Center and require a thorough assessment, looking to centralization this function or evaluating an outsource model, our team of experienced consultants can guide you through this transformational and necessary initiative.

RoundTable Strategic Solutions is a nationally recognized full-service healthcare IT and operational change management consulting firm. With the Client, Patient and Provider in mind, RoundTable Strategic Solutions can assist your organization in the following areas:

  • Call Center, Contact Center and Engagement Center Assessment & Re-Design
  • Build vs. Outsource Financial Analysis and Return on Investment
  • Development of Expanded Contact Center Service Offerings
  • CRM and PRM Implementation, Optimization, and Vendor Selection
  • Provider Referral Management Solutions & Strategies
  • Panel Management – Improve Access and Maximize Provider Productivity
  • Appointment Type Analysis, Template Build & Scheduling Guidelines
  • Development of Triage & Clinical Calls – Protocols/Standing Orders

Evaluating the Move to a Centralized Call Center – 10 Things to Consider


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